My main focus has always been on the practical beauty and intangibles of ceramics. After enough practice a person can make just about any form. This is really what I love about ceramics and why I put so much of myself into every piece. This art form, this passion, really takes over and lets you express yourself in ways others mediums do not. 

Most of us grab a plate from the cabinet and don’t think anything about how it was made, or fired or what glaze it has on it mainly because these are mass produced items with little to no aesthetic appeal. It is simply a vessel to hold food. Handmade, wheel thrown ceramics are designed to add beauty to something we use and most of us take for granted in our daily lives. They can also add more functionality with specific style and design.

I love bourbon so I make myself snifter style forms to promote aroma, taste and mouthfeel. Most are big enough for 1 large ice cube but can be used for bourbon neat. 

Do you eat soup often? How about a large soup mug. 

Do you grow herbs indoors? How about unique planters or garden boxes.

Ceramics really does have unlimited versatility, from giant terra-cotta drain pipes and perfect ramen bowls to silica tiles on the nose of the space shuttle.