About the Artist:

Shawn Felts received his degree in ceramics from the University of Kentucky and has worked in nearly all aspects of the ceramics field since that time.  Shawn taught high school ceramics in Cincinnati, Ohio. He managed a pottery supply shop in San Jose and has taught in, managed and directed pottery studios in multiple cities.  

Shawn has taught workshops in pit firing, barrel firing, raku, alcohol reduction, soda firing, screen printing on clay, adult drinking vessels as well as flame-ware clay formulation and cookware.  This diverse background in many ceramic fields has kept his passion for ceramics sky high.  "The emphasis of my pieces is on the beauty that can combine with the items we use and take for granted in our everyday lives".

Shawn is passionate about many things but ceramics, bourbon, and cooking/experimenting in the kitchen would snag the top three spots. The three really interconnect well in his daily routine.  Bourbon and good food simply look and taste better in homemade ceramic vessels.

His primary interests in ceramics tend to be atmospheric firings: wood, salt, soda, pit and barrel.  It is something about the primal flame fired pot and trying to master something that will never be mastered.  He remains a studio potter due to his love of the ceramic community and joy of being around other potters.

If you want to see Shawn at his happiest it is more than likely something like the following. It is 3am and he is manning a 6-12 hour shift on a wood kiln with a beer or bourbon in hand, listening to the roar of the kiln with 80's/Disney jams on in the background.